Zhongxin Lighting Staff Award Ceremony

The staff award ceremony held last week was a resounding success. The ceremony revolved around our core values of “Integrity, Value, Growing, Responsibility & Health”.

Employees gathered in the loading place of warehouse, eagerly anticipating the recognition of their hard work and dedication. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation, as everyone waited to see who would be honored with an award.


As the ceremony began, the CEO took the stage to deliver a heartfelt speech, praising the staff for their exceptional efforts over the past 

five years. At the same time, it also reiterated the core values ​​of our company. Employees listened attentively, feeling proud of their accomplishments and grateful for the acknowledgment. During the speech, the emphasis on integrity was palpable. Employees were commended for their honesty and ethical behavior in the workplace, setting a high standard for others to follow. Integrity is at the core of our values, and it was heartening to see it celebrated.



5-Year Milestone Awards

The recognition of employees who truly embody our company's values ​​and showed exceptional growth in their roles, skills, and personal development was a highlight of the ceremony. Their dedication to adding value to the organization through their work was evident. It serves as a reminder to all staff members of the importance of contributing meaningfully to the company's success. It was inspiring to see individuals pushing themselves to reach new heights and continuously improve. One by one, recipients were called up to receive their awards. Cheers and applause filled the room as each winner made their way to the stage. 

Smiles and tears of joy were visible on the faces of the awardees, showcasing their appreciation for the recognition.


Excellent Employee Award

The highlight of the ceremony was the announcement of the Excellent Employee of the Year award. Responsibility is a key pillar of our organizational culture, and it was evident in the employee Allen Zhang, recognized at the ceremony. His responsible attitude towards his work, colleagues, and the company as a whole set him apart. He served as role models for responsible behavior in the workplace. He was visibly moved as he accepted the prestigious honor. His colleagues cheered enthusiastically, showing their support and admiration for his hard work and dedication.


Finally, the CEO stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Employees who prioritize their well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle were celebrated.

Their commitment to staying healthy both physically and mentally is commendable and sets a positive example for others to follow.


Overall, the staff award ceremony was a memorable event, celebrating the talent and dedication of the employees. 

It served as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and appreciating the hard work of the staff, motivating them 

to continue striving for excellence in the years to come.

Post time: Jul-02-2024