Shopee’s double 12 promotions ended: cross border orders 10 times more than usual

On December 19, according to the 12.12 birthday promotion report released by Shopee, the Southeast Asia e-commerce platform, on December 12, 80 million products were sold across the platform, with over 80 million views in 24 hours, and the cross-border seller’s order volume increased to 10 times of the normal day. Among the cross-border hot goods, 3 C home appliances, cosmetics and skin care, fashion accessories, women’s wear and home furnishings occupy the top five. At the same time, with the rise of male consumers, sales of men’s wear, auto parts and other categories of goods have also made a breakthrough.

In the 12.12 birthday promotion of Shopee, 3 C home appliance category once again became the hottest cross-border category. Xiaomi, a Chinese brand, has won the title of the best-selling mobile phone brand in Southeast Asia, and sales of 3 C brands Hoco and Topk have increased. In addition, traditional cross-border strong categories such as beauty skin care, fashion accessories, women’s wear and home furnishings are still among the top five hot selling categories. Sace lady, a beauty brand, has achieved a single volume growth of nearly 200 times compared with the same period last year on a single site, and has won the most popular beauty brand title in the Philippines. At the same time, beauty brands o.two.o. and Lamuseland have also entered the list of beauty products in Southeast Asia.



12.12 during the promotion, the sales volume of Shopee men’s wear increased to 9 times of the daily single volume, and the cross-border sales volume of auto parts products loved by male consumers also reached a new high, with the single volume close to 9 times of the daily single volume. Among them, Bostanten, the male bag brand, participated in Shopee’s 12.12 birthday promotion for the first time this year, and entered the top 10 cross-border hot selling brands.

During the birthday promotion, mobile phones, electrical appliances, car accessories and other high-end single products appeared in the cross-border hot sales list, among which, toy brand Mideer achieved 14 times of single volume growth with the help of 12.12 birthday promotion. Facing the increasingly rich shopping demand of Southeast Asian consumers, Shopee has opened overseas warehouses, heavy goods channels and large-scale logistics services across the border to help sellers transport more types of cross-border products to the sea at an efficient rate.

With Southeast Asia entering the era of entertainment shopping, consumers are eager for a richer shopping experience. Previously, Shopee launched professional KOL proxy service across the border, which can analyze product features and purchase habits of corresponding audiences, and recommend suitable live broadcast candidates for the brand. During the promotion period, the single volume of cross-border brands Focallure and Giordano during the live broadcast period reached 4 and 6 times of the normal day, while the appearance of Instagram’s local online red Savira Malik increased the single volume of beauty brand o.two.o throughout the live broadcast day to 34 times of the normal day.

It is reported that Shopee, an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, was founded in Singapore in 2015, and then expanded to markets in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. At present, it has a variety of commodities, including consumer electronics, home furnishings, beauty and health care, mother and baby, clothing and fitness equipment. In addition, sea, the parent company of Shopee, is the first Southeast Asian Internet company listed on NYSE.

Post time: Dec-20-2019