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Our set of outdoor solar candles features a flameless pillars that utilize an interior solar panel to illuminate a single warm, white LED light. The sun recharges the batteries throughout the day so that the built-in sensor can turn the light on automatically at dusk, offering you a warm glow well into the night. The LED candle also can be charged by Type-C USB wire when needed. The candle LED has a flickering effect that glows during the night. This function helps in creating a realistic feel, especially outdoors.

  • Style: Classic moden
  • Candle Type: Melted edge pillar candles
  • Finish: White, smooth, matte
  • Light Source: Solar LED
  • Intended Use: Home Decor / Indoor & Outdoor Use / Tabletop Decoration / Party Deco/ Holiday Decoration
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    SOLAR-POWERED, saving the hassle and the cost of battery replacement and charging. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice.


    Built-in LIGHT SENSOR. It will automatically light up when it is dark after absorbing light energy in the sun during the day. The lighting time is about 8 hours.

    Solar Candles outdoor


    Even if it is a rainy night, your balcony garden can also have lovely twinkling light.

    Type-C USB Rechargeable:

    The rechargeable flameless candles candles have a new upgrade version - TYPE-C was built at bottom of the candle, it will not only be charged by solar energy, you can also charge it by a power bank or AC power through mobile phone charger. With the Type-C USB charge, you can easily charge them in rainy days when there is no sun outside for the solar candles to charge itself.

    When Green Light steady on, it means your solar light was full of charge by Type-C USB wire.

    Solar candle full of charge by USB

    When Red light and Green Light twinkle on, it means your solar light was under charging and not yet get full.

    Solar candle  charging by USB

    Realistic Flickering Effect

    These outdoor solar candles have LEDs that flicker at constant intervals. You can get the feeling of a traditional candle flickering with flame. However, the advantage here is the safety from the absence of a real flame.

    300 mAh Batteries

    The battery capacity is sufficient to support a longer illumination time. The solar candles can work anywhere between 6 to 12 hours, depending on the solar energy. The batteries are responsible for storing this energy.


    Due to the presence of LEDs, these candles do not generate a flame. Hence, there is no risk of fire hazards or subsequent problems to pets and children. Also, there is no risk of smoke coming out from an LED light.

    Water-resistant Feature

    The candles are made from ABS plastic. This material does not rust and can withstand rain and water splash. So, the candles are water-resistant. Importantly, you can leave them outdoors without any huge concern.

    Product Description

    These solar flameless candles give off the warm light to mimic the flattering candlelight glow we all know and love.

    Solar-powered, save the trouble of replacing batteries or wire charging. The built-in light sensor brings a convenient choice. After absorbing light energy in the sun during the day, it will automatically light up when it is dark.

    SAFE & ELEGANT: Enjoy the cozy night with family and friends without worrying about waxy mess or fire hazards. Safe for kids and pets, the smoke-free solar powered candles add ambiance to any garden, backyard, or outside event.

    IDEAL FOR DECOR: The solar pillar candles have a realistic flickering effect. You can place them on the windows, outdoor patio, and it would be a great idea to match them with lanterns. They will impart their delightful warm glow to any room you choose.

    Product Size Small Dimensions: 3 Inch Diameter x 4 Inch HeightMedium Dimensions: 3 Inch Diameter x 5 Inch HeightLarge Dimensions: 3 Inch Diameter x 6 Inch Height
    Power Source Solar Powered
    Battery Type Requires 1 AA 1.2V / 400mAh NI-MH Rechargeable Battery Each Light(Included)
    LED Color Warm White
    Switch Options ‎ON / OFF(Press key on bottom)
    Charge Length 8 Hours
    Special Features ‎‎Waterproof, Solar powered + Type C USB, Flickering, Warm amber color, Flameless
    Waterproof Rate IP44
    Brand ZHONGXIN

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  • Q: How long do solar candles last?

    A: The lighting duration of solar candles depends on sunlight intensity. On average, good-quality solar candles should last between 5 to 10 hours (ideally 8 hours).

    They usually have an inbuilt sensor that takes care of the efficiency. You can replace the batteries if your solar candles have difficulty in maintaining the above working period.


    Q: Do solar candles get warm or hot?

    A: Check here to learn more. Solar or flameless candles do not heat up significantly as traditional wax candles. Since an LED is responsible for generating the light, the heat is insignificant or, in some cases, very mild.

    Due to low heat generation, these candles have a longer service life. Also, they pose less threat to users. Even children can handle them easily. They have a peculiar flickering effect to make the candle look more realistic.


    Q: Are outdoor solar candles waterproof?

    A: Solar candles are typically made from plastic. This material is water-resistant and does not corrode. Hence, if a solar candle does not have an IP rating, it can still resist water.

    IP-rated solar candles have high water resistance, making them virtually waterproof. However, it is wise to avoid submerging these candles completely underwater. The components like the battery and internal connections can take a hit after submergence.

    So, solar candles are waterproof. You can keep them in the garden, even on rainy days. Occasional splashes won’t damage the candles. Thus, these candles are durable and long-lasting.

    The import of the Decorative String Lights, Novelty Lights, Fairy Light, Solar Powered Lights, Patio Umbrella Lights, flameless candles and other Patio Lighting products from Zhongxin lighting factory is quite easy. Since we are an export-oriented lighting products manufacturer and have been in the industry over 13 years, we deeply understand your concerns.

    The diagram below illustrates the order and import procedure clearly. Take a minute and read carefully, you will find that the order procedure are well designed to ensure that your interest is well protected. And the quality of the products are exactly what you expected.

    Customaztion Process


    The Customization service includes:


    • Custom Decorative patio lights bulb size and color;
    • Customize the total length of Light string and bulb counts;
    • Customize cable wire;
    • Customize decorative outfit material from metal, fabric, plastic, Paper, Natural Bamboo, PVC Rattan or natural rattan, Glass;
    • Customize the Matching Materials to the desired;
    • Customize the power source type to match your markets;
    • Personalize lighting product and package with company logo;


    Contact us now to check how to place a custom order with us.

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