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Wholesale frosted outdoor string lights, the Outdoor Frosted Globe String Lights with 10 bulbs is perfect for outdoor patios, decks, special event or Christmas lighting. Our G50 bulb is a C7/E12 candelabra base and comes with a C7/E12 candelabra string. Each set includes 10 frosted globe shaped bulbs on a white wire with 10 sockets that are spaced 12″ apart. These white outdoor string lights have long lasting 3,000 hour bulbs and are on a 20 gauge Wire.

  • Model No.: KF19001-FROSTED
  • Light Source Type: Incandescent
  • Occasion: Wedding, Christmas, Birthday
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Special Feature: Waterproof, Connectable, Patio String Lights, Adjustable
  • Customization: Customized packaging(Min. Order: 2000 Pieces)
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    white globe outdoor string lights

    Connectable Light String for Outdoor and Indoor

    Each strand features 10 lights, end-to-end connect in parallel, 7 watts per bulb, 70 watts per string, 10 frosted globe lights, attach up to 6 strands to cover a large area, each socket has a hook, easy to clip on fence, window, table, etc.

    UL Listed and Weatherproof for Outdoor Use

    The white globe outdoor string lights built-in fuse and weatherproof technology. The frosted string lights can decorate your backyard, drink at winter, BBQ at summer, have fun at autumn, plant flowers at spring.

    wedding string lights outdoor
    Waterproof & Decorative

    Waterproof & Decorative

    The white bulb outdoor string lights are good for indoor outdoor use like Christmas, holiday celebration, party decor, family reunion decor.


    Connectable String Light

    Two prong connector plug on one side (male) and open connected plug on the other (female) allows for 6 strands to be connected.

    Easy to Install

    Easy to Install

    Flexible mounting options, Use cup hooks, guide wires or zip ties with the built-in loops to hang the 10ft frosted globe Christmas lights perfectly.

    Product Description

    The white globe string lights also called as frosted bulb string lights includes a white C7 Base light string and G50 7 watt frosted glass bulbs.
    Sockets are spaced every 12 inches, if one bulb burns out the rest stay lit.
    Our G50 7 Watt C7 (E12) nickel base light bulbs are 2″ wide by 2.87″ tall.
    Heavy Duty 20 gauge XTW outdoor wire (432 watts max).
    Manufactured with high quality UL tested wire, plugs and sockets.
    Length of wire from plug to first light bulb is 6 inches, Indoor and outdoor use.


    1. Bulb Count: 10
    2. Bulb Size: H2.87 x W 2 in
    3. Bulb & Socket Type: G50 / C7 / E12 Candelabra base
    4. Wattage: 7W per bulb / 70W per string
    5. Total Length (end to end): 10 ft
    6. Connect up to max. of 6 same-style strands
    7. UL Listed for Indoor & Outdoor Use
    8. Each string light set is packed with One (1) spare fuse

    Total Length ‎10FT
    Lighted Length 9FT
    Lead Cord 1FT
    Color ‎G50- White
    Finish ‎Frosted
    Material ‎Glass, Plastic, Copper
    Power Source ‎Electric, Plug-in
    Voltage ‎120 Volts
    Wattage 7 watts
    Total Rated Power 120V, 60Hz, 70Watt
    Type of Bulb ‎Incandescent
    End to end connectable Yes, up to 6 sets(Max. 432 Watt)
    weather resistant outdoor string lights
    waterproof outdoor string lights

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  • Q: What’s the difference between fairy lights and string lights?

    A: String lights are brighter and heavier. Fairy lights are more often used in home décor. 


    Q: What are string lights called?

    A: String lights, also commonly known as decorative lights or fairy lights — are a special type of lights used for outdoor and indoor decorations.


    Q: Can string lights catch on fire?

    A: It is possible for string lights to catch fire if they were not properly used.


    Q: Do string lights use a lot of electricity?

    A: Yes, most plug-in string lights use electricity, your display size and choice of bulbs, whether incandescent or LED, will influence your energy bill the most.


    Q: How are these decorative patio lights used?

    A: Patio string lights are frequently used in outdoor settings, often installed temporarily for a party, wedding, or another special occasion. As the name implies, you’ll often find them used in decorating patios for a festive occasion. And they’re also great for decorating apartment balconies.


    Q: What’s the best way to hang these lights?

    A: A variety of methods and materials can be used for installing patio string lights. The best approach, of course, will depend upon your setting. 


    Q: Can these lights be left outside year-round?

    A: These light sets are not really designed to handle weather exposure on a long-term basis. So in most cases, it’s best to put these lights up for an event or party, and then take them down afterward.

    In certain outdoor settings where the lights are largely protected from the brunt of the weather (such as a covered patio), they can be left in place long-term.


    Q: Are they end to end connectable?

    A: Up to 4 of these light sets can be connected in a single string, and the entire string plugged into a single power outlet or extension cord. Connecting multiple string lights is very simple. Start by plugging in two and adding more from there. Basically, use the male socket plug of one string and the female end of the other.  Then, wrap the plugs with electrical tape to secure the connection and to prevent moisture from entering.


    Q: Are these LED bulbs?

    A: Both LED bulbs and incandescent bulbs available, customization request is welcome.


    Q: Do string lights need to be plugged in?

     A: Just plug them in and make sure they all turn on. If everything works, unplug the lights and get started. If you’re working with especially large or delicate bulbs, you can remove them from the strings while you work. Because most string lights plug into wall outlets, you won’t need to work with many electrical wires. 
    Solar powered patio lights also available at your request. contact us to realize your customization needs.

    The import of the Decorative String Lights, Novelty Lights, Fairy Light, Solar Powered Lights, Patio Umbrella Lights, flameless candles and other Patio Lighting products from Zhongxin lighting factory is quite easy. Since we are an export-oriented lighting products manufacturer and have been in the industry over 13 years, we deeply understand your concerns.

    The diagram below illustrates the order and import procedure clearly. Take a minute and read carefully, you will find that the order procedure are well designed to ensure that your interest is well protected. And the quality of the products are exactly what you expected.

    Customaztion Process


    The Customization service includes:


    • Custom Decorative patio lights bulb size and color;
    • Customize the total length of Light string and bulb counts;
    • Customize cable wire;
    • Customize decorative outfit material from metal, fabric, plastic, Paper, Natural Bamboo, PVC Rattan or natural rattan, Glass;
    • Customize the Matching Materials to the desired;
    • Customize the power source type to match your markets;
    • Personalize lighting product and package with company logo;


    Contact us now to check how to place a custom order with us.

    ZHONGXIN Lighting has been a professional manufacturer in the lighting industry and in the production and wholesale of decorative lights for over 13 years.

    At ZHONGXIN Lighting, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your complete satisfaction. So, we invest in innovation, equipment and our people to ensure we are providing the best solutions to our customers. Our team of highly skilled employees enable us to provide reliable, high quality interconnect solutions that meet customers’expectations and environmental compliance regulations.

    Each of our products is subject to control throughout the supply chain, from design to sale. All stages of the manufacturing process are controlled by a system of procedures and a system of checks and records which ensure the required level of quality in all operations.

    In a global marketplace, Sedex SMETA is the leading business association of European and international commerce that brings retailers, importers, brands and national associations to improve the political and legal framework in a sustainable way.


    To satisfy our customer’s unique requirements and expectations, our Quality Management Team promotes and encourages the following:

    Constant communication with customers, suppliers and employees

    Continuous development of management and technical expertise

    Continuous development and refinement of new designs, products and applications

    Acquisition and development of new technology

    Enhancement of technical specifications and support services

    Continuous research for alternative and superior materials


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