A blind man picked a lantern and walked in the dark street. When the puzzled ascetic asked him, he replied: It not only illuminates others, but also prevents others from hitting himself. After reading it, I suddenly realized that my eyes lit up, and secretly admired, this is really a wise man! In the dark, you know the value of light. The lamp is the embodiment of love and light, and here the lamp is the manifestation of wisdom.

I have read such a story: a doctor received a call for treatment in the middle of a snowy night. The doctor asked: How can I find your home on this night and in this weather? The man said: I will notify the people in the village to turn on their lights. When the doctor got there, it was so, and the lights were winding along the driveway, very beautiful. When the treatment was over and he was about to return, he was a little worried and thought to himself: The light will not turn on, right? How to drive home on such a night. However, unexpectedly, the lights were still on, and his car passed a house before the lights of that house went out. The doctor was moved by this. Imagine what it would look like in a dark night when the lights are on and off! This light shows the love and harmony between people. In fact, the real lamp is so. If each of us lights a lamp of love, it will make people warmer. Everyone is a universe. All kinds of lights are shining in the sky of your soul. It is this immortal light that gives you the motivation to move forward and the courage to live, which each of us needs to shine. At the same time, we also have more precious wealth, that is, the lamp of love full of love and kindness. This lamp is so warm and beautiful that every time we mention it, it will remind people of sunshine, flowers, and blue sky. , Baiyun, and the pure and beautiful, far away from the mundane realm, make everyone moved.
I also thought of a story I once read: a tribe passed a vast forest on the way of migration. The sky is already dark, and it is difficult to move forward without the moon, light, and fire. The road behind him was as dark and confused as the road ahead. Everyone was hesitating, in fear, and fell into despair. At this time, a shameless young man took out his heart, and the heart ignited in his hands. Holding a bright heart high, he led the people out of the Black Forest. Later, he became the chief of this tribe. As long as there is a light in the heart, even ordinary people will have a beautiful life. So, let us light up this lamp. As the blind man said, not only illuminate others, but also illuminate yourself. In this way, our love will last forever, and we will love life more and enjoy everything that life has given us. At the same time, it will give others light and let them experience the beauty of life and the harmony between people. In this way, our world will become better, and we will not be alone on this lonely planet.
The light of love will never go out-as long as you have love in your heart-in this beautiful world. We are walking along our respective trajectories, carrying a lamp, a lamp that emits infinite light, and is comparable to the stars in the sky.


Post time: Nov-05-2020