How Do You Hang String Lights in Your Backyard Without Trees?

String lights are a creative way to add a unique dash of ambiance and atmosphere to your backyard, hanging them from trees is perhaps the most straightforward method because they are tall and allow you to use quite a few lights.

If you love string lights decorating your backyard area but have few or no trees there, read on to look for some tips on hanging outdoor string lights without trees.

Tips of Hanging String Lights

1. Hang Lights Along a Fence

Apart from hanging string lights on trees, let’s start with something simple – hanging string lights on a fence.

Both chain-link fence and wooden fence are good for hanging string lights. Just measure the length of the fence and select the portion of the fence you wish to hang the lights from. Then lay out the lights on the ground below the fence to get a better idea of how they will hang.

After you found your preferred layout, drape the lights over the fence posts in your desired layout, then attach them to the fence and secure them with metal hooks or nails.

If you are hanging a mains powered string lights, remember that the fence must be close enough to a power outlet to plug the lights in. Otherwise, you'll need an extension cord long enough to run from the fence to the closest outlet.

2. Hang Lights on Bush

If you don’t have trees, you can also hang wholesale holiday decorative string lights from bushes as well as planters, trellises, and other greenery in your garden. 

To make sure that the layout looks good, try to keep the lights as high as possible on the bushes because if they are too close to the ground, they might look a little awkward. 

Actually, you can hang lights from lots of fixtures in your yard, including trellises and planters. Remember, this is your yard, and you can decorate it any way you like.

String Lights on bush

3. Hang Lights on Poles

Ready-made metal string light poles

Metal poles don’t affect the look of the lights and easy find in the market.

These ready-made string light poles are easy to install on your lawn. You just stake the fork in the ground. Use the number of poles you feel comfortable with, which will depend on the size of your yard. Place the poles about 12-15 feet apart for the best look.

The great thing about this easy installation is that you can use these either with a permanent solution or as temporary lightning options for your outdoor event.

metal pole for string light

Build Your Own Supports

Aside from ready-made metal poles, you can think of a few structures to build as a hanging place for your string lights. This is the most expensive and time-intensive option but it can be well worth the effort.

For instance, some people place poles in buckets and fill them with heavy material to keep them steady.This a temporary measure, if you like this idea but want it to be permanent instead of temporary, simply fill the buckets with concrete instead of sand or gravel.

For the posts, hollow metal, wood, or even a PVC pipework is best, and make sure you also get a heavy-duty bucket to keep them steady and permanent.

4. Hang String Lights On Your Patio Umbrella

String light: ZHONGXIN Umbrella string lights was designed for your patio umbrellas, you can attach string lights to the patio umbrella with cable ties. Install them in a way that you can close the umbrella without damaging them. String lights make the umbrella look nice when open.

There are both solar powered umbrella string lights, and socket based LED string lights for outdoor use.

The solar powered models are typically powered by solar panel with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries included, meaning there is no need for an electrical outlet. The light built in light sensor technology and will be turned on and off automatically.

Patio umbrella pole light: A patio umbrella pole light that runs on batteries is easy to install.

You just clamp it to your umbrella pole.

With the light facing up, you can gently illuminate the underside of a patio umbrella, or with the light facing down, you can bring light to a patio table.

5. Other Outdoor Lighting Ideas

String lights are not the only option to light your yard. Other patio lights ideas include lanterns, Christmas lights, pendant lights, and so much more. Out of these, lanterns are perhaps my favorite way to complement string lighting.

Final Thoughts

String lights can be strung across almost anything in your backyard. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to hanging string lights outside of your home, even if you don't have any trees, hanging string lights is easy with a little know-how, the right tools and materials, and a few minutes of your time, so if it works for you, then it’s right for you! 

You’ll also want to make sure the string lights you use are made specifically for outdoor use and are waterproof as well.

How do you hang lights in your yard or patio? Which style of lights are your favorite for use outdoors?

Post time: May-20-2022