Can You Close a Patio Umbrella with Lights on it?

What’s your umbrella like? There are two main types of patio umbrellas available in the market – the one is cantilever with umbrella pole in the side and another one is with pole in the middle.

What type of lights do your umbrella equipped with? The best umbrella lights come mainly in two different types: Either as a disc that clamps right onto the pole or as a light strand that attaches onto the ribs or canopy of the umbrella.

String Style Lights – Looking to create a warm ambiance to hang out with loved ones (or) add some accent lighting to the landscape project in the evening, then set up these string style lights that decorate the ribs of the umbrella for perfect lighting.

Pole Style Lights – If you require lighting to do certain tasks like serving food, reading a book, or playing card games with friends, then go with pole style umbrella lights.  They offer a brighter and concentrated illumination. These are affixed around the top of the umbrella pole powered by batteries.

After you get clear about all above details, check below to learn if you can close your patio umbrella with lights on it.  

If your patio umbrella under following cases, you can close it with lights on it.

1. Cantilever umbrella with string lights attaches onto arms. The string lights are usually properly tied on umbrella ribs, you can close your umbrella without take them down.
2. Cantilever umbrella with string lights on canopy, you can close umbrella and leave the lights along, but when you open your umbrella, you have to manually spread the string lights so it can be evenly scattered on the canopy.
3. Umbrella with pole in the center equipped with string lights on arms or on canopy, can also be closed without take down lights.
4. Few top-end patio umbrellas come with LED lights pre-installed. This kind of patio umbrella can also be closed with lights on it.

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If your patio umbrella under following cases, you should take the lights down before closing it.

If your umbrella pole is in the middle, and equipped with an round shape umbrella lights with clamps. Though it is easy to attach to the umbrella pole and lighten up the patio table effectively, but when you want to close your umbrellas, you have to firstly take the lights down.

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Post time: Nov-11-2021