What to Look for When Buying Outdoor String Lights?

Outdoor string lights make a great addition to any porch, patio, backyard or campsite. Whether you want to string them up bistro style, attach them along deck railing, or take them on-the-go for a campsite light source, the options of where to hang decorative string lights are endless. But before you make decision and wholesale led outdoor string lights, you'll need to know what the best outdoor string lights for you are, and we're here to help. To help you choose the best outdoor string lights for your home, we've put together a guide filled with helpful information about outdoor string lights, as well as seven of our top picks.

What to Look for When Buying Outdoor String Lights

A Few Things to consider

Which type of string lights do you want?

There are plenty of different designs, it's easy to find a type of outdoor string lights that match your aesthetic.




Fairy lights


Rope Lights

Novelty string lights: Novelty string lights have a bulb inside a shaped casing. The string lights could look like anything, from popsicles to pineapples to stars. Use novelty bulbs for fun and casual spaces or themed parties. They are a great way to add a fun touch to your patio or spruce up a themed event.

Globe: These are a type of standard string lights, characterized by round, globe-shaped bulbs. The globe-shaped bulbs typically measure between 1" and 2 ½", and the cords can vary in black, white, and dark green colors.Globe string lights have a more lightweight cable than standard string lights and pair well with any aesthetic, making them a versatile lighting option. The sleek globe shape pairs well with modern aesthetics and classic style alike.

Standard: Standard string lights are the most popular type of string light. This simple design features light bulbs evenly spaced along a durable cable. The cable is often black, dark green, or white, and the bulbs can measure between 3" and 4" tall. Most standard string lights have a distance of 3' between each light to provide continuous illumination. Standard string lights come with a variety of different types of light bulbs, including pear-shaped Edison bulbs and globe-shaped bulbs 

Shaded: Shaded string lights feature a small shade that covers each light bulb. The shades can be made of fabric, metal, or plastic to suit a wide range of styles and designs. Shaded string lights often feature lanterns, geometric details, or dome-shaped shades that bring visual interest to outdoor spaces like porches or pergolas.

Fairy lights: Fairy lights are a type of string light composed of miniature ¼" lights attached to a thin metal wire. This type of string light is incredibly easy to install since the flexible wire can be twisted around any fixture, and the lightweight design ensures that the fairy lights can be hung anywhere without worrying if the fixtures can support them. The metal cord comes in copper, silver, and gold options to match your outdoor decor. Fairy lights offer a softer light than other popular types of string lights, creating a soft, cozy glow in any outdoor space.

Rope: Rope lights are a type of string light where the lights are enclosed in a durable PVC material to create a unique rope-like design. This helps protect the lights from the elements and make them last longer. Like the name suggests, rope lights look like lighted ropes. They can be hung like standard string lights or laid along a surface, such as a walkway, the top of a fence, or around a tree.

Power Source

When choosing the best outdoor string lights for your home, their power source is an important element to consider.

There are a few different power sources that outdoor string lights can use and you definitely don't want to get stuck with the wrong type. Most outdoor string lights plug into an electrical outlet, meaning they can only be used where an exterior outlet is present or if you run an extension cord from an indoor outlet. The pros to plug-in lights are that they are usually connectable, meaning you can connect many strands of lights together if you're trying to cover a large area.

If you don't have access to a power outlet, then you'll want to purchase either solar-powered string lights or battery operated string lights. Solar-powered lights connect to a small solar charging panel that has to be exposed to sunlight, whereas battery operated string lights connects with a battery box. These are both great options for camping or if you live in an older home or apartment that doesn't have exterior power outlets.

Plug-In: If you're hanging outdoor string lights in a location near an outlet, plug-in lights are an easy and long-lasting option.

Solar-Powered: Solar-powered string lights draw energy from the sun using small solar panels at the end of the cord. These lights are eco-friendly and simple to set up in any location that receives sunlight; the solar-powered panel allows you place these string lights in outdoor spots that aren't near an outlet.

Battery: If you don't have an outlet, a battery option can keep those lights going. The drawbacks are that you have to replace the battery and this leads to a shorter time that you can leave the light on.

What are some key features in outdoor string lights?

You also have some additional features in your lights that you might want to consider. Some main features include:

Edison Bulb: Give your patio a retro feel by choosing string lights with Edison bulbs. This type of light bulb features an elongated bulb and cage-shaped filament for a vintage-inspired look and produces a warm glow that elevates your outdoor seating area.

End to End Connectable: If you're planning on illuminating a large space, opt for outdoor string lights that connect end-to-end to ensure you'll have enough length.

Timer: String lights with timers give you the ability to turn string lights off automatically. This will help save energy, and you won't have to worry about forgetting to turn them off.

Dimmable: Dimmable string lights offer you the ability to adjust the brightness to your preference. This is great for changing the ambiance, conserving electricity, and creating a customized space.

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Post time: Sep-09-2022