How Long Does a LED Tea Light Last?

Have you ever thought of having a candle that will never go out? Have you ever thought of having a candle that can burn all the time without a fire? Have you ever thought that there will be a candle that can burn anywhere without any danger? I am such a candle, which is designed, developed and manufactured by Zhongxin, a garden lights manufacturer and decorative lights supplier specializing in decorative lights.

How long do LED Tea light last?

A quality solar tea light lasts for more than 50000 hours and gives 8 to 10 hours backup every day.

How long do LED last in Tea Light candles?

The long-lasting LED in a flameless candles will have an average life time about 100,000 hours.

Beside this, how long do LED Tea Light batteries last?

The Ni-MH rechargeable battery which the solar Tea light contained usually take about 8-10 hours to get full charge under direct sunlight at day time, and gives over 8 hours back up at night.

I am a solar LED candle. Powered by rechargeable battery. There is no need to light with a match. Just put me in the sun during the day, and I can store energy. When you want to use it, I can light up. The battery can run up to 8-10 hours after full charge.

In addition, although I am an LED light, I look like a real wax candle, realistically generate flickering effect to simulate burning candles, just no melting or dripping wax, no smoke or flame. At the same time, no matter how strong the wind is, I will not go out. Therefore, whether it is windy or rainy, you can take me to the outdoor lighting.

In addition, even if you go camping in the suburbs, you can take me with you. I have no traditional flame. I will never bring fire to the forest and have no potential safety hazards. At the same time, I'm small and portable, and I don't need to charge. You just need to put me in a sunny place during the day, and I can serve you at night.

Or, if you want to spend a candlelight dinner with your lover, but lighting a candle is afraid of fire hazards and the trouble that will contaminate your clothes, floor, furniture, blanket, skin and environment. Think about me. You can put me and my friends in the middle of your table then we can create a romantic atmosphere for you. What are you waiting for such an environmentally friendly, safe and easy-to-use thing?

Zhongxin Lighting Solar Tea Light, the product shell is made of new ABS engineering plastic, beautiful and environmentally friendly, it can completely replace ordinary candles. It powered by rechargeable batteries, adopted with new IC electronic design , and the energy-saving LED is used as the light source to simulate the flashing mode of traditional candles. The effect is very realistic! There are no restrictions on the use environment. It can be used normally without any problems, whether indoors or outdoors, wind and rain; Since it is a simulated flame, it has no flame in the traditional sense, no fire hazard and potential safety hazard of scalding children's hands, and will not contaminate your clothes, floor, furniture, blankets, skin and environment. It can be called a real green environmental protection and safety product.

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Post time: Nov-17-2021