What You Need to Know About Outdoor Solar String Lights?

Outdoor solar string lights are the perfect solution for your yard or patio. They’re cost-effective and, since you don’t need any electric outlets nearby, extremely versatile. No matter if you’re looking for patio solar string lights outdoor, bistro lights, or just solar globe string lights, there’s a solar version out there for you! Let’s take a look at our list of 4 best solar powered outdoor string lights.

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Wholesale outdoor solar string lights is a pretty simple process, but here is a little extra information to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Solar String Lights
Outdoor Vs. Indoor Rated
Full Sun For Most of The Day
Color Quality

Benefits of Solar String Lights

Having solar string outdoor lights at home can be costly at first than just having regular power electricity supply but when once we know the benefits of solar lights, it can give more valid reasons why we should invest on this. Here are the reasons on why we should invest on solar lights.

1. Mobility

With solar panels, you can bring it where ever you are. There is no need to plug it in the power outlets to produce lights and power, you can place your lights anywhere you’d like. Put them in a tree in your front yard, on your mailbox, your back patio, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need an outlet!

2. Cheaper option

Having solar panels are considered to be an investment. Yes, it is true that buying and installing these are pricey and costly but if you would think for a longer term, it will save you more money. You would not need to pay for a pricy monthly electricity bill because during night time you can be able to use the solar panels for your house hold’s power source. These are powered by the sun, free of charge. You would not need to buy extra outlets, plugs or cords needed to produce light as these are easy to use. They are operated and uses rechargeable batteries that can last a long time. It will just have one-time cost for the installation and purchase but when you think of its long term results, it will be more on savings than having the normal power supply.

3. Earth-Friendly

Thirdly, they are earth-friendly. While LEDs use very little electricity, it’s still nice to know that your lights are running on clean, emissions-free energy. Unlike electricity from most utilities, solar power is 100% emissions-free. You can let your lights run every single night, knowing you’re not adding any extra pollution into our fragile world.

4. Low maintenance

The only maintenance you need for the solar panels are changing the batteries every 5-7 years and cleaning it if it becomes dirty. Since it will be installed above your roof or in an outdoor space in where it will need direct sunlight, it will need cleaning up from time to time to preserve its beauty and take care of the panels.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Rated

All the solar powered led outdoor string lights above are rated for both indoor and outdoor use. However, there are string lights that are only for indoor use, so take note when you’re browsing. The most important factor in creating an outdoor string light, of course, is water resistance. It’s usually enough to simply see a ‘waterproof’ label on the product, but if you want to be sure, take a look at each light’s IP Code rating, which measures the degree of protection items have against intrusion from water, dust, and objects. IP44 is water-resistant, but shouldn’t be left outside indefinitely. An IP65 rating is stronger than IP44 and can be safely left outside 24/7. The majority of the lights above are IP65, though one is IP44 and one doesn’t specify the IP rating.

Full Sun For Most of The Day

Solar lights obviously need sunlight to function. Most of the lights above need between six and eight hours of sun for a full charge. To capture the most sunlight, solar panels need to be facing directly towards the sun when it’s highest in the sky, typically around noon. With the included ground stakes, clips, or wall mounting equipment, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding that perfect spot. And since these outdoor led solar string lights are so easy to install, if they don’t work in one area, simply move the solar panel around until you find that perfect spot.

Color Quality

Manufacturers can make LEDs in every color of the rainbow. As such, just looking for ‘white’ lights is usually too vague. Instead, you need to get specific. Most LED lights are ‘white’ or ‘cool white’, which are usually very clear, almost bluish-white. If you want a warmer tint, similar to incandescent bulbs, look for ‘warm white’.

Some of the better manufacturers will also note where their lights fall on the Kelvin scale, which measures the color temperature of lights. A warm white LED will typically fall around 3,000K while ‘white’ or ‘cool white’ comes in at 5,000K. For context, a candle comes in at 1,900K and a bright blue sky is 10,000K.

Frequently asked questions about Outdoor Solar String Light decoration

What’s the duration of batteries on solar string lights?

Batteries depend on your consumption, but normally, the solar string lights last for about 2 years or three years when used properly.

Can winter affect the solar string lights?

Indeed you have to read the package of specific string light to check if it can handle the present weather of where you reside. However, some outdoor solar powered string lights are durable and can handle cold or wetness.

What is the minimum charging time with solar string light?

Solar string light needs at least 4 hours of strong and direct sunshine to charge. But normally it takes 6 hours to charge fully.

Are the batteries rechargeable on cloudy days?

Not really, because it might take the whole day to charge, unlike during sunny days that take 4–6 hours because they directly come into contact with the sun rays.

Is it possible to charge solar lights indoors?

Somehow, yes, because some solar lights are indoor use, but charging them inside is a bit difficult. However, fluorescent and incandescent lights help the panel to charge the battery that might light up but not like the use of actual sunlight.

Post time: Nov-11-2022