How To Reduce The Risk Of Solar Powered Lights Catching Fire?

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your outdoor lighting, it might be worth it to order solar-powered lights. These outdoor solar string lights tend to be a bit pricier, but the investment is often worth it. Solar energy doesn’t require anything on your end, meaning you won’t have to pay for batteries or electricity when using these lights. 

Solar lights can add much needed extra lighting and ambiance to a location, but a common worry is can they catch on fire?

Since solar-powered lights get their energy from small solar panels that charge batteries, the fire risk is very low. Solar Lights with lithium-ion batteries are most likely to catch fire, this mainly due to highly reactive materials and lithium salts used in their construction.

While the risk of fire is extremely low, there are some things you should know about solar-powered lighting that can make the already low risk even lower.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Catching Fire

Always Choose The Best Quality Solar Powered LED Outdoor String Lights

One of the major precautions to ensure your Solar Powered LED Outdoor String Lights doesn’t go up in flames is always to invest in quality when purchasing. Cheaper options have an allure for most people who are on a budget. But as we have already mentioned earlier, such lights are usually manufactured with low-quality products and are usually defective.

So by getting those cheap solar lights, though they are cheap, you may be setting yourself up for tragedy.

Quality solar power string outdoor lights from trusted manufacturers are recommended. These usually have no defects and are therefore less prone to catching fire. True, they may cost you a bit more, but in the end, they are a worthy investment.

Think Twice About Where You Mount Your Lights

Always mount your light somewhere where there are no structures that may catch fire if the light catches on fire. This way, you will only lose the light and no damage will occur to your property.

Switch The Lights Off When Not In Use

Though the risk of them catching fire in this instance is low, always switch them off as this will make sure the battery performs well and lasts long.

Maintain Your Outdoor Solar Powered String Lights Regularly

Every good homeowner should walk around their house periodically looking for leaks, cracks, or bugs. The same should happen out in your yard. Every few weeks walk around out there and take a look at your outdoor patio solar string lights.

Never underestimate the sniff test. If a light looks a little wonky pick it up and study it a little closer and give it a light sniff. If you smell plastic and dirt, it’s likely fine. If you smell burnt plastic, then replace it.

Keep the solar panels that soak up the sun’s energy clean. Dust floats around and gunk gets tossed around as critters and bugs move around your yard. Give the tops and lenses of your lights a scrub every now and then.

While clean lights won’t prevent a fire, it’ll help keep them more efficient and improve battery life. This is something that can easily be accomplished as you walk around your yard, looking for potential problems.

A fire will pretty much be the end of a solar light, but here are a few articles on troubleshooting some other issues:

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Post time: Nov-19-2022