How Do You Hang String Lights on a Patio?

With a simple planning, turn your dark, unused outdoor spaces into a nighttime oasis with the help of patio lights! Patio string lights are both stylish and functional, illuminating your outdoor living space while providing an inviting ambiance for your family and guests to enjoy. No matter the size or layout of your yard or patio, there is a style and configuration of string lights that will work for you.

Read on to learn how to hang outdoor string lights.

How do you hang string lights on a patio

First, Measure Your Space where you want to mount your lights.

The first step in designing a perfect patio light is to make sure you understand the size of your space. It is recommended to drawing a rough sketch of the hanging pattern and writing the measurements on your drawing for quick reference later. After you take your measurements, add about 3-5 feet to each measurement you’ve made so the lights are not completely taut when you hang them. They should sit loosely and make a nice round curve over your outdoor space.

Choose the right hanging pattern to Hang Your Patio Lights

Public squares, restaurant patios and event spaces are all areas where patio lights are likely to be found in a variety of patterns and designs. There are four popular patterns to hang your outdoor Patio string lights, pick the one that best suites your taste and space!

1). Square

Hang patio lights in straight lines across the length and width of your space to create a grid, or keep it simple by outlining just the perimeter of your space in a square shape.

2). "W"

W patterns are a fun choice when you want to add full coverage illumination across your space but desire a more interesting light design. This can be achieved with one long light string or through the use of multiple strings connected end to end.

3). Tent

The tent design features multiple light strings anchored in a spoke and wheel arrangement from one central point. This point, typically either a pole or beam needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight of multiple light strings and may require professional installation.

4). Horizon Point

Similar to the V in that the light strings all anchor to one central point and fan out, however, this design requires more hanging locations opposite of the central horizon point. This technique for hanging patio lights is typically used in professional installations for events and restaurant patio seating. However, with some planning the horizon point can be easily achieved in residential outdoor spaces as well!

Choose the right lights

Consider Removable bulbs: Look for bulbs that can be removed from the string. You can set up the lights without the bulbs and then install them after. They are also better in the long run because you can just replace bulbs if they go out and not the entire string of lights.

Look for shatterproof bulbs for safety reasons. If your bulbs break or get damaged, shatterproof bulbs will contain the shards of glass and keep everyone safe.

Look for commercial-grade string lights with heavy duty wire gauges. Commercial lights are built to withstand the elements and heavy use.

If you're hanging lights across a large space, consider outdoor string lights with hanging grommets. The hanging grommet is a machine-cut hole within a rubber brace above each light. You can thread a support wire, also called a guy or guide wire, through each of these holes to help bear the weight, if needed.

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Post time: May-25-2022