Multiple platforms get financing, Amazon shares hit record highs

Amazon shares hit even new highs with market value breaking 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars

US stocks closed on Thursday, Amazon’s stock price reached a new high, once rose 6.43%, and the stock price once touched $ 2461. As of the close, Amazon’s stock price rose by 4.36%, and its market value exceeded 1.20 trillion U.S. dollars, an increase of about 50 billion U.S. dollars from the previous trading day.

The surge in online demand has made Amazon’s position and influence unprecedented. In the field of e-commerce, the products of the Amazon platform are already in short supply. In order to reduce the pressure on logistics and distribution, Amazon has to suspend a number of member services and take measures to strengthen personnel recruitment and stop the storage of non-essential goods.

AliExpress has six new measures and will provide subsidy support for overseas warehouse merchants in the future

Merchants can settle in at no cost, and they can apply for the vast majority of business category permissions without additional qualifications, and open green channels for Taozhou merchants to settle.

AliExpress merchants can enjoy 1.5 million window resource search traffic support throughout the year. AliExpress will also launch a paid advertising subsidy program and open thousands of celebrities and billion-level fan resources overseas to provide free access to live streaming for qualified merchants.

European market Wish UK toilet paper sales growth exceeds 7000 times

The data shows that compared with last year, the sales of toilet paper in the UK increased by more than 7000 times from February to March this year, and 700 times in Germany. Sales of Norwegian soaps and hand sanitizers increased by more than 80 times, and the Netherlands grew by more than 800 times; TV sets squeezed into the top three in sales growth in Italy and Spain. Italian TV sales increased by more than 35 times, and Spain grew by more than 28 times.

The sales and sales of epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention, remote office, indoor entertainment, home fitness, home daily and household appliances products in the European market have all grown.

Gousto receives $ 41 million in financing and the number of home users grows by nearly 30%

Fresh food e-commerce company Gousto completed a $ 41 million financing round led by Perwyn with BGF Ventures, MMC Ventures and Joe Wicks participating.

Headquartered in London, “Gousto” is a fresh food e-commerce company established in 2012. It provides services for ordering food ingredients on a weekly basis to create personalized dining plans for customers.

After registering, customers can choose their own dining habits on the website and app. And the platform’s AI technology will recommend recipes that they may like based on customer information. 40% of Gousto’s sales performance is recommended to customers by AI. After the customer chooses, the company will deliver the meal box to the customer’s home every week.

Indonesian Kargo completes US $ 31 million in Series A financing

This round of funding was led by Silicon Valley Tenaya Capital, with participation from Sequoia India, Intudo Ventures, Coca-Cola Amatil, Agaeti Convergence Ventures, Alter Global, Mirae Asset Venture Investment.

Kargo is positioned as “Indonesian Manbang” and is a logistics matching platform. Specifically, the platform matches the capacity of small and medium-sized fleets and individual drivers.

Serving several types of customers: FMCG and other large companies, 3PL and SME cargo owners. Kargo currently aggregates about 50,000 vehicles, and the service covers the entire territory of Indonesia.

eBay USA station puzzle toy grows 1395%

Among the home office supplies, the sales growth of webcams, computer screens and stands, mobile wireless hotspot devices and routers ranks in the top three, and they have increased by 1000%, 140% and 100% respectively over the same period last year.

In the beauty and hairdressing category, hair dye sales increased by 155%, nail care increased by 255%, and hair clippers increased by 215%.

In the home improvement category, whitewashing appliances and equipment increased by 145%, air-conditioning equipment and accessories increased by 140%, and kitchen storage and household storage items increased by 70%.

Among fitness-related products, strength training equipment increased by 854%, yoga and Pilates products increased by 284%, fitness equipment increased by 273%, golf training aids increased by 232%, aerobic equipment increased by 221%, and sports trampoline increased by 210% .

Entertainment products have grown particularly rapidly, among which puzzles have increased by 1395%, virtual reality head-mounted display devices have increased by 765%, table tennis and rackets have increased by 280%, children ’s craft kits have increased by 220%, board games have increased by 105%, and Lego Building blocks increased by 100%, Pokémon cards increased by 90%, books increased by 80%, etc.

Post time: Apr-20-2020