Low-Carbon Lighting — the Inevitable Trend of Future Lighting Industry

Since the Copenhagen climate conference, “low-carbon life” is no longer a new term.The living standard is rising day by day, consumer also pays more and more attention to life quality, “low carbon, healthy, environmental protection” also infiltrates household life gradually.As the home industry indispensable lighting, but also once again stood at the forefront of “low-carbon environmental protection”.


“Low-carbon life” is to point to in under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, through technology made different, rail system different, industrial transformation, new energy development and so on a variety of means, as much as possible to reduce the high carbon energy consumption coal oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve economic and social development and ecological environment protection win-win form a kind of economic life.

In the past, because get the restriction of living standard, and lamp ACTS the role ofing starts late, lamp ACTS the role ofing sells to compare other household industry to live in a variety of reasons such as messy, low-end relatively, cause consumer to consume lamps and lanterns thereby also stay in illume level only only.With the continuous improvement of living standards, creating a healthy and environmentally friendly green life has become a “benchmark” to guide consumers to conduct consumption.The consumer pursues low carbon life, also force household sells to undertake transition, serve as lamp act the role ofing, “low carbon illume” this concept also arises at the historical moment.

The reporter understands visit chongqing several famous lighting stores, in order to adapt to the development of The Times trend and cater to consumer demand, the lighting stores have to “low carbon lighting”, in practice of “low carbon lighting”, for consumers to create health, environmental protection green life as own duty, to impress the hearts of consumers.As the Oriental lighting plaza rooted in chongqing for more than 10 years, it is also the leader in the practice of “low-carbon lighting”.


According to Oriental lamp act the role ofing square deputy general manager rong gong hua introduces, the development of The Times, the change of consumption idea, make “low carbon illume” be sure to become the trend that future lamp ACTS the role ofing develops.While dongfang lighting plaza practices the market and wins public praise with 10 years’ high-quality service, it also takes the promotion of the concept of “green lighting and low-carbon life” as the important task of the enterprise from the perspective of the industry and consumers.On April 28 this year, the east is joint the China association of lighting lamp square organization industry experts, in the square to the lamp had a basic knowledge of green lighting and lighting dealer promotion skills training courses, and all the merchants and the court jointly signed “boycott unqualified lighting products in the market circulation” in suzhou, the people of chongqing is dedicated to provide you with the adornment of real environmental protection, green lighting life


“Low-carbon lighting” is not just a slogan, it represents a responsibility.In order to create a green, environmentally friendly home life for consumers, Oriental lighting plaza and China lighting appliances association jointly issued the proposal:

1. each lamp city business to ensure product quality, do not sell unqualified products;

2. Businesses of lamp city do not give away incandescent lamps for free, and consciously resist products that consume high energy and are not environmentally friendly;

3. Actively cooperate with the activities of phasing out incandescent lamps and accelerating the promotion of high-quality green lighting products;

Four, the integrity of management, do a good job in the service, do the user trust the civilized business;

5. Respond positively to green lighting from lamp city.

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Post time: Oct-19-2019