Business Etiquette Training at ZHONGXIN LIGHTING

Business etiquette is not only conducive to shaping a good personal image and corporate image, but also a lubricant for interpersonal relations and an invisible creator of corporate profits.

In business activities, in order to show mutual respect, it is necessary to restrict people in all aspects of business activities through some codes of conduct, including appearance etiquette, speech and behavior, correspondence, telephone communication and other skills. From the occasion of business activities, it can be divided into office etiquette, banquet etiquette, welcome etiquette, etc.

In order to better cultivate employees' good appearance and posture, improve their communication ability and work efficiency in business work, Zhongxin Lighting held a business etiquette training for its employees on the evening of December 1, 2022. IVEA international registered etiquette trainers were invited for training and guidance. The main contents of the training were: government service, meeting and reception, workplace communication, emotion management, career cliff planning, practical business, image position and other basic etiquette.

At the beginning of the training, the trainer specifically introduced the main contents, characteristics and methods of reception etiquette, and comprehensively demonstrated the standing posture, walking posture, communication behavior, communication and guidance etiquette precautions!

In order to achieve a better training effect, the trainer will make participants understand and master skills such as improving their self-cultivation and personal charm in the reception link through interactive questioning and group presentation.

Business etiquette

The atmosphere of the whole training site was harmonious, and everyone mastered many practical etiquette skills and theoretical knowledge in the high learning atmosphere. The training effect was very obvious.

Through this etiquette training, employees not only learned more etiquette knowledge in practice, but also helped with daily work, and mastered certain reception etiquette, which also helped employees improve their self-cultivation, improve their temperament, and make everyone perfect and beautiful because of etiquette!

Post time: Dec-08-2022