Where to Wholesale Collapsible Solar Lanterns for Campsite?

Collapsible solar lanterns are a great portable light source for camping and backpacking. Collapsing makes them easy to carry, and the solar light means you don’t need to take extra gear to keep them powered throughout your trip. They can be hung or set on any flat surface, so you don’t have to worry about cords that get in your way.

It’s no secret that this is one of our most coveted pieces of camping gear, mainly because it packs down small and is easy to store. We have both Hanging and Tabletop collapsible solar lanterns. They are lightweight and one of the most effective camping tent lighting ideas from the soft glow of light.

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What is a Solar Lantern?

A solar lantern is just like a regular lantern. But instead of using batteries or electricity to charge its battery, it uses a solar panel to power a rechargeable battery.

Solar lanterns are some of the best camping lanterns because they offer many benefits. Those include less storage space, and easy charging that is free and better for our Earth.

Solar lanterns are an excellent investment because use direct sunlight to get a full charge. That means its battery life is not dependent on lugging batteries around or needing electricity to charge.

Solar energy is pretty easy to come by if you are camping in a sunny area. It’s a renewable power source, so you will never run out.

When going into the great outdoors, it is always a good idea to have a reliable and portable light source. A solar lantern provides you with easy charging capability and a cozy ambiance. Plus, it can be easily used in emergency situations, and take up less space in your precious cargo area.

The good news is that there are tons of lanterns on the market to choose from. From tabletop lanterns to collapsible ones, there is no shortage of options for your needs.

The bad news is there are too many to choose from! Here we would like to introduce our top picks of the new solar fabric lanterns from our factory today!

Collapsible Solar Lanterns
solar camping lantern

Features of the Solar Collapsible Hanging Lantern:

1. Solar Powered: Each solar collapsible lantern equipped with one AA 600 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery, solar panel, warm white LED lights and stainless steel hardware, superior quality and construction.

2. Various Shapes, Patterns, Colors and Sizes: Available in cylinder, balloon, diamond, elipse, and a choice of various colours, patterns and sizes.

Customization requests like shapes, pattern, color and size are welcome as long as the intended order quantity meet our MOQ: 2000 pcs.

Solar Lanterns

The spherical solar fabric lanterns available in 3 patterns, 6 colors and 3 sizes as the image indicated below, lower MOQ supported, welcome to contact your Zhongxin Lighting Account Manager today with any questions or requests.

Solar lantern

3. Lightweight and Collapsible designA collapsible design is gaining popularity as people try to keep their camping gear to a minimum. When camping or hiking outside, storage space is limited. You want to look for something that is compact and does not weigh too much. The lightweight ( each solar lantern weigh about 260g) as well as compact design of a collapsible lantern that folds into a small size meet your needs well. 

4. Water Resistant Polyester Material: these morocco style lanterns are made from a special water resistant fabric that looks like paper but has a lovely satin finish, featuring collapsible lightweight, durable, breathable and water resistant, perfect for outdoor use year after year.

5. Easy to Use: They can be hung from trees or a pergola or anywhere suitable. An integral solar panel sits in the top of each lantern, simply allow to charge and they will automatically switch on at night to create a dazzling display, and a relaxed, laid back atmosphere.

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Post time: Jan-07-2023