What is Solar String?

The use of solar energy is increasing due to increased demand for renewable energy, reduced component costs and at least some government incentives. The first solar cell was created in 1883. Over the years, solar cells have become more and more efficient. And affordable. And, due to technological progress, residential solar energy has become cheaper and more popular. Modern style decoration favors natural materials, few details and the use of neutral and earthy colors. Similarly, it has become a trend that string lights add lights to modern decorations. The best way to decorate outdoors is to use solar string lights that are easy to set up. They give a nice appearance, for example when you use string lights instead of candles to project a warm light in a dark corner. In fact, market research estimates that by 2024, the solar lighting system market will grow to 10.8 billion US dollars, a compound annual growth rate of 15.6%. Solar string lights are lights for decoration, which are characterized in that small light bulbs are connected together by wires or cables. They are powered by batteries, which are charged by solar panels at the end of the light string. Solar panels convert sunlight intoenergy to charge the battery. You can use these solar string lights indoors or incident indoors or tilt to bring comfort and comfort. You can also use them to illuminate the road in the garden, terrace or deck. And decorate the Christmas tree on occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and other festive decorations.

Solar panel lights work through the photovoltaic effect, in which solar cells convert sunlight into direct current. Then, the electricenergy is stored in the battery through the electric inverter. When sunlight heats the solar cell, it stimulates negative electrons toconnect and push them into the positively charged space-transferring electrons produces electricity. The electrons are then embeddedin the battery and stored until the evening. But when the evening came, darkness shrouded and the conversion of sunlight stopped. Thephotoreceptor detects darkness and turns on the light. The battery now powers the light string.Compared with traditional lamp indicators, using solar string lights has many advantages. However, you should also understand someof the disadvantages of solar string lights.

Advantages of using solar string lights:

Solar string lights use renewable energy and are therefore more environmentally friendly. They improve the environment. Instead, lamps rely on conventional power sources. You can place solar string lights anywhere because they do not depend on the availability of power. Solar string lights use LED bulbs, which consume a lot of energy and are brighter than ordinary bulbs. LED  bulbs are more durable, with protective film and protective cover to prevent damage caused by extreme weather factors. The traditional light string will be tied to the length of the power cord and the power path. The connecting wire of the solar light is made of aluminum/copper and ABS plastic, which has stronger durability and weather resistance.


Disadvantages of using solar string lights:

Solar string lights are more expensive than traditional lights, which will prevent many people from buying. Another disadvantage is that they are completely dependent on the sun and cannot work well without enough sunlight. They need enough sunlight to illuminate at night. Generally speaking, 10 hours of solar illumination can provide them with 8 hours of illumination. Therefore, they are not suitable for cloudy climate areas.


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Post time: Oct-26-2020