The China Canton fair will be held online for the first time in 2020, The online Canton fair is worth looking forward to

Premier li qing presided over an executive meeting of the state council on April 7, which decided to hold the 127th Canton fair online in mid-late June in response to the grim situation of the global epidemic. This will be the first time that the oldest trade event in China’s history will be held entirely in the form of the Internet, enabling Chinese and foreign merchants to place orders and do business without leaving their homes.

We will invite customers from home and abroad to display our products online, use advanced information technology, provide an all-weather online recommendation, procurement connection, online negotiation, and other services, and create an online foreign trade platform for high-quality featured commodities.

The meeting also unveiled several major initiatives, including the creation of comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce and support for processing trade. The meeting decided to set up 46 more comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce, on top of the 59 already set up.

Some data about the 2019 Canton fair:

The export turnover of the 125th spring Canton fair in 2019 was nearly 200 billion yuan. There were 195,454 overseas buyers, from 213 countries and regions. Close the deal

The proportion of short orders is high, while the proportion of long orders is still low. Short orders within 3 months accounted for 42.3%, medium orders within 3-6 months accounted for 33.4%, and long orders over 6 months accounted for 24.3%.

The number of buyers from ASEAN increased by 4.79% year on year, among which Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Cambodia all increased by 10.75%, 9.08%, 23.71%, 4.4%, and 8.83% respectively.

The number of buyers in each continent is:

There were 110,172 Asians, accounting for 56.37%;

Europe 33,075, accounting for 16.92%;

The Americas 31,143, accounting for 15.93%;

Africa, 14,492, or 7.67%;

Oceania has 6,072 people, accounting for 3.11%.

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Among the buyers at the meeting, 40.14% were in the categories of electronics and home appliances, 32.63% in the categories of daily consumption, 28.7% in the categories of home decoration, 28.18% in the categories of gifts and 26.35% in the categories of textile and clothing.

The top 10 countries and regions represented were: Hong Kong, India, the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. Buyers from South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Bangladesh, and other countries more obvious growth.

Export transactions, mechanical and electrical goods are still ranked in the first place. Us $16.03 billion of mechanical and electrical goods were traded, accounting for 53.9% of the total. Turnover of light industrial products reached 7.61 billion us dollars, accounting for 25.6% of the total turnover. Textile and clothing sales reached $1.62 billion, or 5.4% of the total.

In addition, the product renewal rate of this year’s Canton fair exceeded 30%, and the number of exhibitors with independent intellectual property rights, independent brands, and independent marketing networks, as well as high-tech, high value-added, green and low-carbon products significantly increased. The turnover in the brand exhibition area of 20% booth reached 28.8% of the total turnover.

There were 88,009 buyers from One Belt And One Road countries and regions, accounting for 45.03% of the total. Export transactions from 64 countries along the Belt and Road reached us $10.63 billion, up 9.9% and accounting for 35.8% of the total transaction volume.

I believe all things will be fine.

The online Canton fair has raised higher requirements for new infrastructure such as cloud computing, big data and industrial Internet of things. This also means that if the traditional Canton fair in the past is the most important volume, and into the online form, more to learn to trade intensive farming, improve the quality of China’s foreign trade.

However, the online Canton fair is not complicated, but a change in the medium of exchange, the traditional promotion, negotiations, and other links moved to the cloud. To some extent, this is a big “online shopping”, but the protagonist has become a business at both ends. The quality and efficiency of “online shopping” have been verified in daily life. The online Canton fair is worth looking forward to.The Canton fair will be held online for the first time in 2020.



Post time: Apr-10-2020